Monday, May 5, 2008

Ashkelon Wall Mural

Rachelle Pinhasov from Ashkelon, participated in our Diller/JVC teen exchange with Baltimore last year.
She is a member of LEAD , an NGO that develops young leadership in Israel. She is in 12th grade .
She started an empowerment group for young girls , age 14-15 who live in the Neve Haro'e children's foster home village in Ashkelon.
Rachelle's group is called "Kohevet Hatzafon" ("The (she) star of the north" ).
The highlight of this year's project was a mural painted on the outside wall of the soccer stadium .
Rachelle raised funds through the women of "Lions of Judah " and the municipality . The girls designed and painted the mural last week.
Rachelle wrote a press release and she invited Ashkelon Mayor Roni Mehatzri to unveil the mural. The mural shows the story of a young girl, how she has a baby as an unmarried mother, raises her baby and makes a success of her life.
It was a beautiful ceremony and heartwarming to see her and the girls, so proud of their work.

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