Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Fire Truck for Ashkelon

On Independence Day Eve, the Ashkelon Fire Station held a special ceremony to welcome the new firefighting vehicle. The vehicle was donated in memory of Michael Lapides, by the Jewish community in Baltimore in a fundraising effort spearheaded by Tammy and Fred Heyman. The brand new fire engine is a “Rotem” vehicle and will be used to respond to emergencies, fires and rescues. At the ceremony, Mayor Roni Mehatzri - Head of the Fireman’s Union, and Dani Sasson – Fire Chief, awarded ranks to fireman and officers. Among those who received promotions were two female firefighters. The Mayor thanked the Jewish Community of Baltimore and the ceremony concluded with a “Haramat Kosit” (toast) in honor of the 60th Independence Day anniversary of the State of Israel. Nicole
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