Thursday, May 29, 2008

Youth Leaders Rule

This morning, new young faces took over the leadership of Ashkelon. As part of "Youth Month" in the city, today the youth leadership had a taste of being in charge of the City. They attended meetings, were interviewed, visited locations in the city with the Mayor, answered the phone and drank a lot of coffee.

Asaf Suissa (above), chairman of the Youth Council, sat in Mayor Roni Mehatzri's chair and ran the city. Standing next to the Mayor is Liron Menashe (last year's Youth Council chairwoman), who will be our Young Shalicha to Baltimore in September 2008, together with Tal Bouhnik.

Tal Bouhnik (left) and Yuval Peretz, took over from Deputy Mayor Levi Shafran. They took their job seriously and dealt with educational issues, under Levi's instruction.Tal will be joining Liron as our Young Shlichim to Baltimore.

Bar Chaprak (right) and Shir Ariely sat in Anat Berkovich's (the municipal spokesperson) - chair , and issued a press release about events of the day.

Teens also replaced the City Manager, the other deputy mayors and department heads. After 4 hectic hours on the job, they were all very happy to go back to school... "It's not easy to run a city!"



סתם אזרח said...

איזה יופי של רעיון! כל הכבוד.

גילי הגדול said...

שלום סיגל
הבלוג שלך ממש ממש מוצלח
חוץ מיחסיי הציבור הטובים שהוא עושה פשוט מעניין לקרא אותו
גילי (פודגור)