Sunday, June 15, 2008

AMEN Kids Clean Up Beaches

Ashkelon's beaches are some of the finest beaches in the world, with uninterrupted stretches of fine white sand. They are heavily used by the whole population of Ashkelon and environs, who unfortunately still have something to learn about not leaving trash behind them.
AMEN (Youth Volunteers in the City) is one of the projects funded by the Ashkelon-Baltimore Partnership. As part of a community involvement project, in the framework of AMEN, over 250 kids from Grade 6 at Mekif Irony Daled School were divided into two teams and spent four hours cleaning up Ashkelon's beaches.
This is just one of the projects run by the school as part of its environmental awareness theme. Besides AMEN, a number of organizations cooperated to organize this venture, including the municipal Dept of Youth, the Dept for the Environment, and Mekif Daled School. Nicole

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