Saturday, July 19, 2008

CCCD Mission visits Ashkelon

Today we had lunch at the Holiday Inn in Ashkelon with the 130 members of the "UJC Campaign Chairmen & Directors Mission", who had just visited Sderot. I also brought along Alan & Ilana Marcus, Nicole and another seven English-speaking Ashkelonians who each sat at one of the tables to chat with the mission participants. Avi Dichter spoke about the security situation, the return of our two prisoners, and the strong connection between Israel and Jewish communities overseas. Nachman Shai was there, and Levi Shafran popped in to say hello. Above right in the white shirt is Eli Goldshmit, head of Beit Canada absorption center in Barnea, talking to a group of mission participants. It was lovely to see Janis, Linda, & Rachel again. Nicole

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