Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reality Reminder ....

Shalom ! I just got back from my trip to Baltimore and the Diller -Teen exchange progam conference in San Francisco . Since I lost my camera on the way back, no pictures for now... sorry... ! This morning in Ashkelon the Red Alert sirens at the industrial area were operated 3 times, due to kassam rockets launched in our direction. At 9:30 we heard the alarm, loud and clear (one of the sirens is located on the municipality building roof, just above my head). We ran from the 4th floor which is all glass windows to the hallway of the 3rd floor. A few seconds later we heard the boom. Luckily the rocket hit a grass lawn , in one of the neighborhoods close to where we were... No casualties, no damage ! My son was on his way to the bus taking all his class mate to an overnight field trip. They rushed the students back to the building, and after a while they left as planned. He called me to say that they heard the boom very loud because the rocket fell very close to the school . We also had guests with us this morning, 6 Otzma volunteers (3 from Baltimore ) who came to visit some of the places they will be volunteering at from January. They were on their way to the municipality as the siren went. They were very calm, unlike their madricha who REALLY panicked... Things are back to normal , and we continued their visit as planned . They had a really good story for folks back home. Sigal

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