Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sue Liebman Visit

13th Nov: Sue Liebman was in Ashkelon for the day to see projects funded by The Associated. Together with Nicole, she visited Harel School to see the Tali program in action.
In the Grade One Tali Science class, the children learnt how oil is made Sue Liebman with the Headmistress of Harel School and two of the Tali teachers
Next stop was Meitar. The renovation of the Meitar building was funded by the Baltimore Jewish Community. From a disused wrecked kindergarden, the building has become an efficient facility for youth-at-risk, offering them a "home away from home", help with studies, as well as many different programs such as horse-riding, computers, music etc.
Sue with David Wolfson of Social Services, at Meitar
Sue was given a tour of the building, saw digital graphic work produced by the students as well as a newspaper they had published themselves. Sue chatted to some of the students about their life and hopes for the future. The center is run by Dafna Maman, and has been in operation for a year. They are still developing another much-needed multi-purpose hall to be used for handicrafts and carpentry.
Sue with David Wolfson of Ashkelon Social Services and Dafna Maman, Head of Meitar
Sue also visited the Michael Lapidus Park (Park Baltimore) and the Lyn Stacie Getz Playground and admired the mosaics made by the Plant and Futrovsky Families. Nicole

A view of Park Baltimore "The Michael Lapidus Park" - (looking southwards, from northern end).

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