Thursday, December 18, 2008

On 17th Dec 2008, the Youth Council held a festive event at the Teen Center, to celebrate the close of a successful year of youth activity in Ashkelon, while looking forward to 2009, to another even better year !
Mayor Benny Vaknin was there to greet the youth. Mayor Benny Vaknin told the youth that he too had been a member of the Youth Council. Avner Maimon (Head of Culture Dept), Yakov Attias (Head of Youth Dept) and of course Sigal Ariely, were also there to celebrate the occasion.
The Youth Council is composed of about 60 teens, with representatives from every school in the city. They are active in many different spheres and initiate many volunteer activities and events for the benefit of Ashkelon youth, and all the residents of Ashkelon.
The Chairman of the Youth Council - Asaf Suissa, welcomed the new Mayor on behalf of the youth. He gave a presentation showing the activities of the Council over the year, and outlining the plan of action for the 2009. Nicole

Asaf Suissa, Chairman of the Youth Council

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