Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rockets on Ashkelon

Rocket landing site in Ashkelon (Photo:Amir Cohen)
So far this windy cold Wednesday morning, more than 60 rockets have been fired on southern Israel, hitting Sderot, Netivot, Ashkelon and the surrounding areas.
The ceasefire with Gaza has ended. During the ceasefire hundreds of rockets were fired on Israel from Gaza, armed terrorists were stopped at the border, and underground hidden tunnels for transporting arms were destroyed, but still the ceasefire was something of a respite from the previous tireless attack.
Yesterday the Ashkelon municipality held a wide-ranging rocket attack drill in the city. Today rockets hit Ashkelon for the second time this week. It's the Hanukah vacation from school and kids at home were woken today by sirens. The boom of the rockets landing was heard all over the city.
We try not to publish the exact landing sites for obvious reasons, but one rocket landed in a central location in a residential neighborhood, another landed near the main Ashkelon beach, and others landed in the industrial area.
Shula Maimon, Head of Ashkelon's Social Services Dept was interviewed on the radio this morning. She said "Many residents are suffering from shock and had to be treated at the hospital for anxiety. Social workers and psychologists are making the rounds of neighborhoods to try and help Ashkelon residents deal with the rocket attacks. There was one house damaged".
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The Gueta boys after a rocket landed in their yard while they hid in the "secure room" this morning

Benny Vaknin, Ashkelon recently elected Mayor, analyzes yesterday's rocket attack drill, with top army and municipality personnel.

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