Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday morning update

After a tense but quiet morning, at 9:30 am there were three rocket-alert sirens, one after the other. Since it's Hannukah vacation and the kids are home alone while I am at work, I put them on the train to visit their grandmother in Tel Aviv for the next few days. By order of the home-front command, there will be no school until further notice.
The municipality has opened a Hotline for Ashkelon residents, with psychologists and social workers answering calls 24 hours a day. The feeling is that "the worst is yet to come".
Later today - we had more sirens. People are keeping close to home and the malls are pretty empty, some of the stores are closed.
For the time being, all visits and delegations to Ashkelon have been cancelled. This week we were expecting the Trattner Lichter family, Linda Haas, the Oheb Shalom congregation, and a group from Baltimore Hebrew University (Melton), as well as the UJC, but unfortunately they will have to wait for quieter times, to visit us.
Stay tuned for further updates. Sigal

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