Tuesday, January 20, 2009

After the Cease-fire

2 quiet days, and slowly life is going back to normal. Today 10th - 12th grades are back to school. Tomorrow maybe junior-high pupils will join them. Elementary school children are still at home or in the public shelters, they'll go back to school hopefully by the end of this week. The malls opened most of the stores , though very few people are out shopping. Cinemas are still close. Every plane that flies over our haeds makes you freeze , hard to beleive there won't be a siren sound following it ... Every day I recieve bags full with crayons and coloring books and toys for the Ashkelon kids in the shelters. They make the kids very happy. Thanks for all those who helped collecting them. Eveyone that leaves Baltimore nowdays is bringing one. Yossi and Risa Kelemer, Linda and Michael Elman, Jenny - CSI/Diller .... This morning Dror, from Hava'ad Lema'an Hhahyal - The association for the soldiers, brought another bag and I gave him the cards that kids in Baltimore made for soldiers , he is on his way to visit the soldiers near Gaza and will give them your cards.

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