Monday, January 5, 2009

"Hands on Tzedakah" donate supplies

After a relative quiet 24 hours, this morning seemed to be calm. It's a beautiful sunny day out side. We recieved a generous donation form "Hands on Tzedakah" ( Boca Raton , Florida ), an organization that already funded 2 other teens projects in Ashkelon. The money is designated for supplies ,toys and games that our teens volunteer are using to keep children busy , in shelters while their parents go to work. The first day 9 shelters were opened , and today, a week later- 39 !!! So, Dafna Biton , the Amen coordinator and I went to buy kits for the children at the shelter that was just renovated by "Hands on Tzedakah ".( Boca Raton, Florida ) The other part of the shelter was turned into a music room , funded by the "Arlene and Sheldon Bearman family foundation". You know me, I can't say no to shopping. Well, we had 2 sirens when we left the shelter , and when we got back ...But our mission was completed, all the stuff will be there this afternoon. Whlie I was there a company from Tel Aviv sent 6 counselors with animals- rabbits, hamsters, mice , so the kids can play with them. Sakal , and Lev Ohev sent 30 kits of musical instruments to amuse the kids and games that will be distributed to the shelters. It'a amazing to see our Teens, Amen volunteers , take such a role in making sure the home front is functioning , the kids are taken care of, and children are happy and smiling and most important - safe .

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