Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I spent the day out of Ashkelon today. I had meetings and it was a chance to spend a day without waiting to hear a siren or a kassams fall. My sister in law however spent the day in Ashkelon. She grew up in Ashkelon and left when she got married. She now has a company who does educational and entretainment programs in kindergarden in Tel Aviv & Kfar Saba , near where she lives . She decided to go to Ahkelon with 6 of her staff poeple and volunteer to preform in shelters where kids are staying for hours evrey day . The show they chose "My Israel " enhances the connection between kids and tha State of Israel which became espacially meaningful now days. They were at the entrance of Ashkelon when 2 sirens followed by rockets falling in the city . They stopped the cars , and fell falt on the sand near the road .... After performing in 3 shelters, on their way out of Ashkelon the sirens caught them again, twice ... this time they were near a building and were invited to hide with neighbours they never met before ...When she came back she said they felt soooo good that they had a chance to make the kids happier for a while , and at the same time got a chance to expirience what we feel fevery day lately .

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