Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shalom to all my freinds, far away but close by heart. I'm sitting at my sister in-laws living room , an hour away from home , but in a diffrent world. It's difficult to explain to you all what it is like to be in Ashkelon now days. Our quiet city , the beach , parks , marina . They are all a war zone. It's hard to write this , it's very difficult to live it. For a while we had kassams randomally landing in the city . Sirens , crying kids , worried paretnts .Schools and kindergardens that were not built for war. Since Saturday , this became our reality: sirens, kassams and grads misels falling out of the blue. Tens of rockets everyday, day and night. You can never get used to these terrifing sounds , the sirens and the "boom" once they hit the ground, never. You know what you should do, run to the nearest sheltered area, you don't think , you run! Sunday I sent my kids to my family in Tel Aviv. They shouldn't be here when all the craziness is happening. You are affraid to go to the shower , bathroom , in case there's a siren. You leave the door open , and do it quickly ...Even for me. an adult it's scary. I go to bed and dream that there are sirens, I walk between the kids' rooms to check that they are ok... They are here since Sunday , away from their friends , a lot of them left the city too, away from their home and everyday's life. My oldest wants to go back home.The little one , goes to school here with her cousin , and doesn't want to go back where the kassams are falling and you hide under the table during classes when there's a siren. She is only 7 , what does she know? I'm here now too, I need a normal quiet weekend before going back home. It's not easy to share with you , poeple that I know, that we are not all super heros. We don't know how long this will take, but as long as it takes , we'll be strong and give our support to our leaders . We can't live under constant threat of teror. Your love and caring means a lot to me and to your friends in Ashkelon . In times like this you know who your friends are ! Praying for queit and peace , Sigal

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ABNPOPPA said...

I came to your blog via United Jewish Federation web site. I got that from my best friend who is Jewish, I am Christian but, with a Jewish grandmother. Please know you and Israel are in my prayers. I cannot imagine living under those conditions and trying to raise children.

We prayer for peace.

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