Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not again !!!

Saturday , 8:45 in the morning... Last night was very stormy , strong winds and thunder. This is why I was sure I was dreaming ..... it must be the wind again when Gily , my 7 year old daughter , opened the bedroom door and screamed : "Mom , quickly , a siren !!!" ... I grabbed her , knowing we don't have time to run outside to the bomb shelter , both of us screaming to Shir , my oldest , who came running from her room. We went to our safe place in the house - under the stairs. Ron , my son, is sleeping at my in-laws house , not far from us. The siren was long , longer than I remembered . Once it stopped we heard 2 loud booms. They definitely hit somewhere near us, in the neighborhood. I called Anat (the municipality spokewoman) , after 10 minutes. She was getting ready to go to the municipality control room. She checked with Shlomo (deputy mayor) too. On information where the rockets fell ,maybe it's good , no one reported anything yet . I'll let you know once I know. I just got a text message from Anat: 2 grad rockets hits in the city both in open spaces in our neighborhood. The municipal war room is re-open till further notice.

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