Monday, March 30, 2009

Farewell OTZMA 2009, Lehitraot!

L-R: Warner, Suzanne, Jamie, Sigal, Emily, Jared
Our five Otzma volunteers have spent two months living and volunteering in Ashkelon. Emily, Jamie, Suzanne, Jared and Warner will be leaving Ashkelon tomorrow, to face new challenges in Israel and abroad.
During their time in Ashkelon, these five young people made an impact wherever they went. They stayed at Kalanit student absorption center. They volunteered at Rotem and Harel Primary Schools, and also at a number of Moadoniot (child care facilities), at the Tali kindergarten, at Beit Tzipora after-school program, Beit Canada absorption center, at Burton community center and at Halperin Home for the Elderly.
Ashkelon host families opened their homes and hearts to our 5 volunteers, who felt that the hospitality they received was like "a home away from home". Strong, warm connections were made.
In between volunteering, our Otzmaniks found time to go to the beach, ride their bicycles around Ashkelon, exercise at the gym, socialize with Ashkelon's young people, attend some pop concerts, and even skydive.
We hope that this important program will be repeated. (Nicole)

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