Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hibuki ("Hug Me") Dolls for Kindergarten kids

Teacher demonstrating how Hibuki gives you a nice warm hug and can be carried around.
1200 kindergarden children in Ashkelon will receive specially made Hibuki dolls.
The kindergarden teachers were trained by JDC professionals how to work with the kids and help them cope with fear and stress . Most of the Ashkelon kindergardens are not sheltered and during Cast Lead operation the kids and teachers all stayed at home , the kindergardens were closed. Once life went back to normal the teachers had to deal with the results of the diffcult times the kids had during the missile attacks on Ashkelon.
Now with the dolls and trained staff , thanks to the IEC funds that were raised in Baltimore during the war, the kids will have a way to help overcome their fears.

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