Sunday, July 5, 2009

Moms on a Mission - First night in Ashkelon

We have just arrived back from a wonderful evening in Ashkelon Park, with the Ashkelon Moms and Baltimore Moms, tired but happy!
The Baltimore Moms arrived in Ashkelon after a VERY early start this morning (4:00 am) and a full day at Masada and the Dead Sea, but still full of energy and enjoying themselves. It was a beautiful evening, on the cliff overlooking the sea. The Moms greeted each other with hugs, Leslie got things going with an ice-breaker activity involving an orange Koosh ball, and then it was down to the beach for martial arts and tai chi opposite the setting sun.
Supper was houmus (of course) and pootjie stew (cast-iron pots - slow-cooked on the campfire) with rice and fresh veggies, and then watermelon and homemade chocolate cake and cookies (Liron's mom Shulanit's handiwork) washed down with lemonade, and wine.
Hadar Madnick introduced herself and led some games (she'll be in Baltimore with Natan Mish to replace Tal & Liron as the second pair of shinshinim or "young emissaries"). Leslie ended off the evening with a singalong.
None of this description conveys the wonderful atmosphere, the warm hugs, the mutual smiles, and the non-stop talking and bonding. There is no doubt that our Moms have already made an incredible connection, and this is only their first meeting!
See more photos from this first evening in Ashkelon's beautiful National Park at sunset:

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