Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10th Grade students pick volunteer spots

This month the high schools in Ashkelon focus on volunteer opportunities for their 10th Graders.
Each school holds at least one "focus day" when students view an interesting play about civic responsibility and spend a morning listening to representatives from local organizations who come to describe their activities, to recruit volunteers from the schools.
Below, Gad Manor from Katzenelson Community Center describes a variety of programs needing volunteers to Henry Ronson High School 10th grade students.
10th graders must complete a minimum of 60 hours of volunteer work in the community during the year, but they can choose where they volunteer.
Below, at left, Oriana Hadad from Beit Canada absorption center and Dafna Biton of AMEN together with her assistant, Itamar Shumen, and Ilanit from Hatzalat Hayot (Animal Rescue) read the board advertising various volunteer options for Henry Ronson school students.
Below, a representative from Halpern Old Aged home explains volunteer options for those interested in working with senior citizens.
Many organizations show a short movie or a presentation. Below, the first screen of a presentation by Hatzalat Hayot (Ashkelon Animal Rescue)
After the presentations, students must sign up for one of these volunteer options. The idea is to get the students involved in the community in a field they care about. Most students become involved and work far beyond their 60 hours, often continuing to volunteer for many years.
If the students are regular volunteers during their last 3 years of high school, they receive a "Civic matriculation certificate" which awards them 10 additional bonus points when applying to institutions of higher education.
Below, a Sherut Leumi volunteer explains what "Kav LeHayim" does, working with kids and young adults with cerebral palsy, and how volunteers can help.

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