Friday, July 30, 2010

Grad exploded in Ashkelon today

Boy , was I happy this morning that the Diller kids from Baltimore have left town... No offence.
At 8:30 am I was food shopping for the weekend, with my daughter Shir at Cosmos shopping center, right outside of Ashkelon, this is why we didn't hear the siren or the Grad rocket that fell and exploded not too far from the Delila beach....
I started getting calls from my husband, my mom, friends, Gily (who was at summer day camp at the time but was still updated thanks to a concerned parent) .
On the way home, like every Ashkelonian who owns a car we drove past the place where the rocket exploded. I couldn't believe how close it was to a fully occupied apartment building of 10 floors!
Another miracle escape: Nothing happened , just a few damaged cars, blasted out windows, and trauma victims.
My first thought was: "Thank god the Diller kids are back home..."
My mother in law called, she swims at the beach every morning. They were all in the water when the lifeguard told them to go out of ther water quickly and lay on the sand ... in a few seconds they heard the boom not far from them. And, in my mother in law own words: "well , it wasn't fun" .... Shabat Shalom and a safe weekend to all.
and photos on ASHKELONIM

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