Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gesher Hai Teachers Delegation to Baltimore

Our Gesher Hai ("Living Bridge") program is very active in both Baltimore and Ashkelon. Each of our Ashkelon schools participating in the program is matched with a school in Baltimore. Gesher Hai aims at understanding cultural differences and working to form a close connection by means of a shared project.
In January 2011 a delegation of seven Ashkelon teachers representing the Arts School (Omauyot), the Science School ( Madaim), Ort Afridar, Harel, Mekif Daled, and Cochav HaZafon, travelled to Baltimore to strengthen the connection with their partners: Beit Tefiloh, Shoshana Cardin, Beit Israel, Yeshivat Rambam, Kreiger Shechter, and Baltimore Hebrew, schools. The delegation was led by Ashkelon Gesher Hai Coordinator Marcelo Burdman.
The Ashkelon teachers were hosted in Baltimore homes for the weekend and then stayed in a local hotel. They received a warm welcome and visited schools, synagogues, community centers and the Jewish museum. They participated in discussions, lectures, hands-on projects, lessons about Israel and Ashkelon, took part in many social gatherings and made close and personal connections with their Baltimore partners and friends. Thanks to everyone! We are looking forward to hosting the Baltimore teachers here in the future.
Photos by courtesy of Ariela Lerman and Tova Shafran

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