Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation visit Ashkelon on Purim

On Purim, 20th March, about 40 members of the Baltimore Hebrew, the largest reform congregation in Baltimore, visited Ashkelon.
Their first stop was a quick view of the Michael Lapidus Baltimore Park and Lyn Stacie Getz Playground. At  Netzach Yisrael Conservative community in Afridar Ashkelon they were welcomed by Marcelo Burdman and the leadership of the community, as well as the NOAM youth group. Deputy Mayor Shlomo Cohen welcomed the group on behalf of the City of Ashkelon.
After dressing as pirates, together with the NOAM kids, the group marched in the colorful  ADLOYADA (Purim Parade). This is the first time a delegation has ever taken part in Ashkelon's Purim parade. The NOAM and Baltimore group greeted the crowd from the front of the parade, behind the Mayor.
After lunch back at Netzach Yisrael, the group prepared "Mishlochei Manot" and presented them to the kids at Bet Canada new immigrant absorption center at the Purim party there.
A day to remember!
Rabbi Michael of Ashkelon welcomes Rabbi Andy of Baltimore to Netzach Israel
Sigal with Shlomo Cohen - Deputy Mayor, and Partnership Chairman

Dressing up as Purim pirates

The group leaving Netzach Yisrael for the Adlouyada


mini Ashkelon pirate crosses swords with Baltimore pirate
Chief Pirate

Greeting the crowd

VIP catches lift in fire-truck

Preparing mishlochei manot - Purim parcels - for the kids

Purim party with Ethiopian kids at Bet Canada

Erez Menashe giving at a magic show at the Bet Canada Purim party

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