Wednesday, March 9, 2011

President Peres visits Ashkelon

President Peres was a guest of Ashkelon city yesterday . It was a special and festive day for us.
President Peres was welcomed by kindergarten kids and the 2 City chief Rabbis . In ab official ceremony he received from Mayor Benny Vaknin the award of " Honorary Citizen  " of Ashkelon City . The award was given to President Peres for his continuous support of Ashkelon in the past years. Supporting Ashkelon to receiving approval to build the Marina, to be recognized as a preferred development area giving meaningful incentives . He showed his support during the Cast Lead operation when during his visit to the shelters in Ashkelon, rockets fell  and he had to go in a shelter.
In his speech President Peres said that "Ashkelon is a city that I really love and I am impressed by its beauty and development . I recieve this award with honor and pride ".

The 2 parts of the visit that I participated in were the opening ceremony and a meeting with highschool teens . The opening ceremony started with the choir form the Art school , and I was happy to see our next year Shinshinit - Shani Yamin, among the singers. After the ceremony the president met with 1000 12th grade students from the diffrent highschools in Ashkelon for a round table with teens .

The chair of Youth Council in Ashkelon Sheli Babay , a Diller participant this year , welcomed the president in a speech that highlighted the volunteerism of teens in Ashkelon . On the stage 4 teens were selected to sit in a panel with the President and the Mayor ,all had special achievements in diffrent fields : Sports , science , Bible studies, debating. The star debating student   is amember of our Magic Moment delegation to Baltimore for Yom Haatzmaut . 
Sheli Babay, Head of Youth Council, welcomes President Peres to Ashkelon
Sheli is a member of our Diller leadership program, this year

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