Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9th - Saturday

We had a quiet Shabbat morning but in the afternoon , just before 5 pm and again at 6 .pm there were 2 sirens . Rockets were heading to our city from Gaza and Iron Dome intercepted some of them, not all .
Gily went with a friend from school and her family to the Lunapark in tel Aviv, they wanted the kids to have a peaceful Shabat and invited her too. I was sooo happy she wasn't here .
I took Shir and Ron to Ashdod to do some fun and shopping. We had just left for Ashdod when the first siren caught us just outside Ashkelon on the highway. I stopped the car and the 3 of us hid behind the bus station , not quite sure how effective this was , but this is what you are suppose to do. The second siren we heard while we were in Ashdod talking with my mother-in-law , in Ashkelon, on the phone . 
Nicole was out walking her dogs when she heard the distant siren and the booms. In the fields there is nowhere to hide, so she just watched the Iron Dome shooting the rocket out of the sky, leaving a puff and white smoke trail (see her photos below)
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Passover vacation started on Friday so no school or kindergarten,  the kids will be home from tomorrow.

Nicole's photos from her walk today:

a very bright day, taking the photo into the sun (At night this would look like fireworks) .Look carefully to see the trail of the rocket after the Iron Dome blasted it into pieces.

Nicole's dog Heidi and the Iron Dome defense system in action in the background
The fields are full of red poppies - Spring!

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