Monday, August 8, 2011

Shatzkin Family Volunteer in Ashkelon

Report from Einav Koren, our new Overseas-volunteer Coordinator Wed 3.8.2011
The Shatzkins were on a family trip in Israel. Parents Richard and Jill and their children Sammy and Rachel wanted to spend a day volunteering in Ashkelon and connecting to the people and city of Ashkelon.

Their first job was painting the fence of the new Ashkelon Volunteer Center. Dafna Biton, head of Amen, and kids from the Youth Council (including Sigal's son Ron) joined the Shatzkins to get the job done.
Dressed in aprons and gloves, working hard in the baking hot sun, everyone had a good time chatting and getting the job done in true partnership!
After washing up, the family and the Youth Council teens took part in a sweet workshop held at the Volunteer Center- preparing specially designed parcels of sweets on skewers, to be delivered to patients at Barzilai Hospital. After they had packed up enough sweet parcels, we went to the hospital.
It was heartwarming to see Sammy and Rachel handing out their sweet parcels to the kids in the pediatric ward and to the new moms in the maternity ward.
This was my first group of volunteers, and my first opportunity as the new Ashkelon overseas-volunteer coordinator, to plan their day in Ashkelon and their volunteer activities from start to finish. It was another opportunity to see first hand how strong the Baltimore connection is to Ashkelon and to experience the warm connection first hand.
Einav Koren
Handing out sweet parcels at Barzilai hospital

Preparing the sweet skewers
Painting the perimeter fence of the Ashkelon Volunteer Center
Sammy & Rachel, hard at work
Youth Council members helped get the job done among them, Sigal's son Ron
Sammy shows us how it's done

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