Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday morning

Update: It is apparently Beersheva's turn with almost constant rockets all day today. see photos below
Since this morning's siren it has been quiet in Ashkelon.

7:15 am another siren wake up... I didn't hear it till Shay elbowed me, and I grabbed Gily , ran under the staircase . We heard nothing. I then saw on YNET that Iron Dome intercepted 3 rockets.
After the attack in Beer Sheva last night , and 2 direct hit with a man killed (he had a 9month pregnant wife) , inspite of Iron Dome system , you can't avoid the tought " what if ....' Gily , 9 and half , doesn't want to stay here , so we are going to Cinema City with friends for the day , it;s near Tel Aviv .
My 2 older ones contiuing thier routine : Shir studies hard for the university entering test , Ron doesn't study hard for a test in bible
Site of grad attack in Beersheva - Photo:Ohad Zwigenberg
Grad attack on school gym hall in Beersheva,
luckily it was empty at the time - Photo: Herzl Yosef

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