Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Exchanges

While Shani Yamin, our shinshinit* in Baltimore, is staying with the Abbott-Caplan family in Baltimore, her adoptive parents visited the Yamin family in Ashkelon.
Rebecca Abbott, the Abbot-Caplans daughter, visited Ashkelon as part of the Baltimore Diller delegation and all her friends here welcomed her parents with open arms.They toured the city, and had fun in Ashkelon.
* Shinshin - Abbreviated "Shnat Sherut" which means "year of service". ("shinshinit" is the female version).Two Ashkelon Shinshin teens, ROI DOR and SHANI YAMIN are in Baltimore for a year, doing volunteer work in the Baltimore community, before they start their compulsory army service back in Israel in 2012. Read more and see photos of ROI DOR and SHANI YAMIN HERE

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