Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Morning Wake-Up

What a wake up ! This morning, I got unexpected "help" waking the kids ... I made my first round of wake-up calls, no one moved, I usually give them a few more minutes and wake them up again . But... at 7:01 a loud siren was heard.
I ran upstairs. I found my 6 yr old Gily, after a week of memorial day sirens - standing smartly to attention, in her pyjamas, just like in a memorial service. I grabbed her hand, Ron joined us, and so did Shir - who usually hears nothing. We stood together under the staircase, which we think is our safe area in the house. Before the siren had finished, we heard a boom in the distance, followed by a second one that sounded closer. We hugged each other.
Anat, our municipal spokesperson, and my good friend and neighbor, called a few minutes later to tell us that one rocket fell south of the city in the National Park, the 2nd fell in the backyard of a house near Shapira community center, very near a school. Once again we were lucky. No casualties, only light damage.
Note: Over the weekend, about 25 rockets fell in the south. Some landed very near where my husband works. Jimmy Kdoshim was killed on Kibbutz Kfar Aza while working in his garden, he was a 48 yr old father of 3 who was a champion motorized parachutist. They do not have a rocket alert siren on Kfar Azza.

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