Monday, May 12, 2008

Yom HaAtzmaut

Israel's 60th Independance Day Anniversary was full of celebrations, and a time for family to enjoy a day together. In the evening, we watched the torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl on Mt Herzl, and then went outside to enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks.
Next day we were treated to a "fly-by" of the Israeli airforce. We saw formations of fighter planes, a plane being fueled in mid-air by helicopters, acrobatics, very impressive. During the day there was a also a "sail by" by Israel's navy, and an impressive display by paratroopers from all over the world who came here to join the Israeli paratroopers jumping in formations, a "Freedom Jump" - in honor of Israel's 60th birthday.
As always, every piece of grass in the city was used by a family having a traditional "mangal" barbecue. Some families who live in apartments were so desperate for their mangal that they set up their picnic on the grassy island in the middle of the road (I wish I had taken a photo for you).
Happy 60th Birthday to all of us!

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