Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday afternoon update

More sirens, more rockets . Just a few minutes ago we heard yet another one. 2 rockets fell, one in the sea and one in the national park . I can't stand the sound of the rocket-alert sirens.
I'm going to be interviewed by BBC London at 14:00 and then I'm going to join the kids in Ramat Gan for tonight .
2 sirens ago the Kassam rocket stuck in a tree next to our neighborhood pizza place. It didn't explode ... No pizza today :)
To all our friends and colleagues: Thanks for all the kind and generous offers to host us out of town.
I was just interviewed by the London BBC radio station . They put a blogger from Gaza online, and then me. I hope I served our purposes right. After them hearing his side, it was important that they hear how we feel and live here in Ashkelon.
People must understand that we have no other choice. No country would tolerate a continous threat to its citizens.

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