Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wednesday update

2 rockets fell in Beersheva for the first time ever.
This morning at 9 o' clock I dropped my son Ron - 14 years old at the sport center . He and his freinds from the basketball young league were invited to spend 3 days in a hotel in Tiberias . He was thrilled to meet his friends , after they were all locked in their homes or out of town with families away from Ashkelon. The Ashkelon young sockerball team was invited to Jerusalem .
Anther siren, a fall. I ran one floor down with everyone , and got back .... we heard the boom , not far from the hospital..again, close to the partnership office.
An hour after the busses with the kids left for Tiberias and Jerusalem, we had 2 sirens with a missile fall and a fall without a siren. Just the boom with no siren warning Scary

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