Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update - NYC Mayor visits Ashkelon

After a hectic weekend in Ashkelon , sirens and rockets falls , yesterday 2nd stage of the Gaza war started. We now have our soldiers , inside Gaza. Each one of us has someone special to worry about , and we all worry about all of our soldiers.
Our prayers and thoughts are with them.Everyone is watching the news , to hear how are things are going . Ehud Barak , in his speech to the nation last night said it's going to be long , and the price will be heavy , but we have no other choice. Join our prayers! Sigal
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now in Ashkelon, meeting the city leadership, to show his support in Israel and to the people of Ashkelon, also visited wounded in Ashkelon's Barlizai Medical Center with hospital director Shimon Scharf and mayor Benny Vaknin, see below. Nicole
photo by gil yohanan

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pion said...

There's an irony, Ashkelon once belonged to the Philistines. And for Gath, is it extinct? If you Jews want to fix this present day problem you will do to them (Hamas, Hezbollah) what the Babylonians and Romans did to you. Otherwise the war will go on for . . . who knows.