Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday A rocket hit - near my inlaws house

Oh my god !!! We just saw live on TV , my parents inlaws' house got a direct hit from a rocket!!!!! . Anat (the spokesperson of the municipality) called me to check their house number and she told me it got hit . They are here with us. Thank god , the palm tree in the front of the house got burned with some plants . They are here with us , panic to see thier yard on fire -watching it, live on Tv! Thank god they are here ....Ok now it's 45 minutes later , and things are not as bad as we thought. The grad hit a shelter 70 meters away , its ingine flew and hit the yard. a tree caught fire and on TV, as we watched, we saw the fire and smoke and my parents in law were terrified. Luckily , other than the tree and a swing that burned down , nothing happened to the house.
Luckily they are here with us and didn't hear the boom in their yard.
photos from ashkelonim site
this is a bus that was damaged by the same missile

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Anonymous said...

You really need to be careful here.

Reporting damage can help the enemy with targeting.

Remember loose lips sink ships.

And Keyboards Kill!