Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harel Skaat sings for Nimrod Scouts & Youth Council

Many singers and performers have been volunteering their time in public shelters in Ashkelon. Harel Skaat, a popular young Israeli singer, who was a runner-up in the second season of Kokhav Nolad ("A Star is Born" show), came to Ashkelon and performed for the Nimrod tribe of the Israeli scouts, and the Ashkelon Youth Council. Watch the video at : Nicole

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mum of kids who were there said...

My kids were there!
Ran Danker was supposed to be at the scouts at 1400 and all the kids were waiting for him but he didn't turn up - coward one siren and he left town!
But it was a good ending because at 1800 Harel Skat arrived - and it was recorded and put on tv over the weekend.