Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday update from Maxine Dorot

Things have calmed down here in Ashkelon..."only" 3 grads yesterday and 3 or 4 the day before. One fell where I teach but didn't explode and it took about an hour to get it out of the earth (and about 45 minutes just to find where it had landed in the first place). Another miracle since there were people in school...albeit on a much smaller scale.
We hear the continuous "thumping" of Israel artillery, day and night, either from the navy in the sea or from the canons on land and I can tell the difference. And today we can see the smoke billowing out of Gaza skies. We must have hit something big.
We're taking longer showers, although not by much, but we still sleep with our slippers strategically placed so that we can just whoosh out of bed in the middle of the night and pour out feet into them so that we can rush for cover.
We're still driving with windows open to hear an alarm, seat belts off so we can get out of the car faster, and windows open at night so we can hear a siren should it go off. Word is that before a cease fire goes into effect, Hamas (which stands for Hiding Among Mosques And Schools) will let rip everything they still have to go down in a blaze of glory.
The sun gives a false sense of security; we're all bracing for the big finish. I hope we can go back to school on Sunday but still don't know since my schools do not have enough shelters for all the students and staff.
The sun was shining today and a few people actually were doing their power walks and jogs, but very few. Kids are still not outside playing and people who do food shopping, are stocking up on goods and getting out of the shop in record time.
The first thing I do when this is over is go on a diet! That's it from here.Shabbat Shalom from Ashkelon,Maxine

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