Friday, January 16, 2009

I want to share with you my afternoon..... After almost 3 weeks that my kids were away from Ashkelon with 2 of our families, we had a quiet day on Thursday in Ashkelon , one siren , no rockets falls. It felt like thinkgs are getting quiet. The kids wanted to go back home . I decided that we are going home for the weekend. Shir my oldest took the train at 7 o\clock back to study math at school. Our cousin said he'll bring my son Ron home in the afternoon. I waited till Gily, my youngest came back from school where she stay. She said goodbye to her new classmates , told them we will invited them to Ashkelon soon and we headed south . As I was driving home Shir and Ron - my kids -called to tell me there was a siren , no close booms... After 30 minutes they called to tell me that there was another siren , far boom... I heard on the news it fell in Ashdod. I started to think I should have left Gily with my sister in law, but she really begged me to go back home, she misses her room , toys , friends ....I put my foot on the gas , driving home. The radio was was on 101.5 radio station that plays music and live sirens if there are any... There was a great song on the radio - Oblady oblada life goes on... I was singing loud , Gily was laughing at me, suddenly the music stopped , we hread" Red color- a siren in Ashkelon and the area", I froze , it took a second to get my act together . We were near nothing !!!! 5 minuts way from the north etrance to Ashkelon .I stopped the car on the side, left the keys and my purse in it , grabbed Gily out of the seat belt , and we ran to a ditch near the road . We both bended on the sand ,I was covering her. The siren seemed soooooo long... I hugged her , there were 6-7 other cars lining near us, parents covering their children, older poeple. As the siren ended we heard 2 booms in the near area. We waited a minute and everyone ran back to the cars trying to get as quickly as possible to a safe place. All the way back home Gily was crying in the back seat . I was still shaking while driving. The rockets fell one near the old cemetary , at te north os the city, the second one fell in the northren industrial area , not too far from us. When you are in an open area , feel so helpless , and in the silence around you, it sounded horrible. At home Gily opened 2 Hanuka boxes we got from friends in NY and NJ . They came in Hanuka , but she wasn't home since then... She found a Hannah Montana costum for Purim and some Disney princess dolls and for a few minutes was a 7 years old again... there was another siren an hour later while Gily and I were in the driveway of my friend in a moshav near Ashkelon. I took Gily there to play with my friend's daughter , her age. We parked the car , heard the siren and ran into their house and together ran to the sheltered room . As I'm writing this we hear the sounds of IDF bombing Gaza. We can only pray and hope that tonight will be quiet , Shabat Shalom .

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