Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shabbat wakeup

7:10 am this sunny, windy Saturday morning, a siren woke us up and then we heard the faint boom. A grad rocket exploded just south of Ashkelon, luckily once again missing its civilian target and exploding in an open area. It's been a tense quiet period, everyone has slowly been unwinding from living life under the barrage of rockets, and we've even almost stopped jumping at every loud noise and every ambulance siren. Still, I don't think that anyone was really surprised to hear the siren this morning.
This week there were at least two rockets fired at Sderot and Shaar HaNegev and one at Eshkol area (causing no damage or injury) and, depite the ceasefire, mortar shelling of kibbutzim on the Gaza border continues (Nicole)

photo from this morning's report in

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