Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grad for breakfast

This morning 7:10, a siren woke my kids. Together we all ran for our safe place under the stairs (no time to get out to the bomb shelter in the yard), and then we heard the boom. The grad fell in an open area near the road, not far from where we work .It's incredible how fragile the ceasefire is. My Gily said "You see mom, I told you there would be another grad". Schools are balagan. Some are open , very few kids showed up . Gily's school is closed. I took her to grandmother's for the day. The Arts school is open , in Shir's class 2 students out of 40 came... Ron is at a high school that is relatively new , and it has safe shelter areas, 11 kids showed up out of 35 in his class . Mayor Benny Vaknin said there will be a consultation with Home front command to decide whether the schools will open or not ...

Damage in a bus that was standing near the open area where the grad fell this morning

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