Monday, January 12, 2009

Today I had 2 special visitors - Lauren Hurwitz from Baltimore and her friend Elizbeth from Texas. They came to voulnteer with chilkdren in the shelters. We stopped at an old friend of Lauren's and her family. The girls wanted to hear from Roni how does the siren system operate . He explained to us in details.... As we were leaving we heard the familiar sound of the siren... we ran to the sheler , with Roni , Shula his wife and their 2 years old grandson . We stood for a few minutes, the boom sounded far . I found out later that the grad hit directly a 2 floors' family house . The 3 children who were at the 2nd floor ran down to the shelter when they heard the siren, and the 2nd floor was directly hit ! Nothing happened to the kids ! After the siren was over , we went to the shelter at the Teens center where they volunteered with the little kids.

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