Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today , January 11th is a special day for me, My oldest daughter Shir was born 18 years ago. She was born just when the Gulf war started , her first days as a baby were in a protecting plastic tent , anti - gas shelter for babies... Here we are , 18 years later and she celebrates her birthday away from home, from her friends , from her Dad who stayed in Ashkelon all this time and the kids haven't seen him over a week. We had 4 sirens today in Ashkelon , one rocket fell in the sea , one passed us and hit a kindergarden in Ashdod, 2 , around 20:00 landed in open areas in Ashkelon . We were lucky today, no casualties. Our friends in Baltimore are having a day at the JCC to show their love and support in Ashkeoln , and friendship. Thusnads of miles away , but still very close by heart .

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