Friday, January 9, 2009

Update from June Narunsky

Good morning Dear Family and Friends


I have just realized that this will be our third Shabbat under fire from Gaza.  We had a peaceful night last night as far as incoming rockets although it was reassuring to hear the drone of our helicopters throughout the night with the occasion swoosh of jets always accompanied by the dull doof, doof, doof of the big guns being fired by the tanks and the navy.


Then waiting for the wail of the siren, and rushing to our safe room.  We have 30 seconds before an incoming to move our behinds!  15 seconds longer than the poor folk in Sderot.  The worst part really is waiting for the end of the siren, the surreal quiet and the horrible whistle before you hear the explosion.  If it is near the whole building shakes and quivers.  Then you wait for the prescribed time by the home guard unit and get back to what you were doing.


I have to say, which shows my ripe old age!  I am amazed at the technology.  We have a cleaning man who comes in once a week to help with the heavy stuff (well all the yukky things I hate doing, like windows, oven, etc., etc.) and Sami is totally deaf.  So how do we communicate?  Well I write him little notes to tell him what I want and in the beginning I was very worried about him because of course he does not hear the red alert siren.  However, our government devised a little gizmo which has to be worn next to the body and as soon as an alarm goes in the area it buzzes and vibrates something fierce and he knows what to do.  Isn't that amazing?  I think so.  Then we keep our radio on 24 hours a day tuned to Radio South 101 which broadcasts music, news and information all the time but the minute a red alert siren goes, it sounds on the radio and not only that, the voice will tell you exactly where it is going off.  For example if it is in Beer Sheva, or Ashdod or Ashkelon.  Amazing.  I think so.

If you are watching telly at the top right side of the screen as soon as the alarm is to sound a round red dot appears so you know to move your bones and get to the safe area.  Young people just assume that is how it should be but like  I said, I think its all amazing, so that shows my age!!!


 I also have to tell you how amazing the folk of this country are.  We have had phone calls and emails from total strangers inviting us to come up to the centre of the country for a few days or as long as we want to chill out and recharge our batteries.  Another thing that amazes me!


I guess it is hard to explain how one feels at this point.  I am lucky that Mel is such a laid back character which certainly helps one's stress level and like I said we have the computers in the safe room, so my computer skills should have improved but every now and again I prefer to do my knitting.  I tell you, I am quite a quick knitter but when the siren wails the adrenaline flows and boy do my knitting needles clack at double the speed, I was in shock to notice I have almost finished my sweater.  A pattern which normally takes me weeks, has taken about ten days!! 


I really just wanted to touch base with you all and say thank you to all of you who have written, called and emailed us just to let us know your thoughts and prayers are with us certainly is a wonderful boost for the morale.


Anthy, Effie and the children are doing okay.  Our little Ben is not too well but that is I think the effects of getting more teeth as well as the cold weather.  Meshi and Shirazi are doing as well as can be expected but won't leave their mother which is also to be expected. 


Meshi's dream is to grow up and invent stuff!  So at this moment is very annoyed at the war because she wanted to invent something that would harm the 'bad guys' but leave the good people alone!  And as far as she is concerned the war started without waiting for her invention and in her little mind this is totally unfair!


With lots of love to you all, 


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