Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shabbat update

Shabat , again , the 3rd one since the war started . There were 3 rockets attacks on Ashkelon, around noon. 4 grad misles fell in the city.One house got a direct hit by a direct rocket. 2 light injuries , a few truma victims. The Minister of Education was in Ashkelon Friday and the decision was to start school for 12th grades who have winter final exams . Only in schools that have shelters. We just heard that after today, they may cancle this decision . Meanwhile the 3rd week is starting, we live on our suitecases . Every day after I'm done with work I go home to bring more stuff for the kids : A book that was left near the bed, a PSP game , a teddie bear to make your sleep sweeter , away from home and our friends ...
photos from Shabbat rocket hits

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