Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update from Khaya Dinsky

Hi to all.

We had a quiet night. I'm up as usual at a 6am when the "quiet wave" stops and the radio  starts talking. The radio is always on to Radio Darom because there was one time the sirens near us didn't go but the radio warning did, and a few times the radio warning went a few seconds before the siren.

Washed my hair(fully dressed) and had a sponge-bath in the shower - first the top half of me and them the bottom.Simha is still asleep.We had a quiet night.

Yesterday was a difficult day. Lots of sirens. Don't even know how many. Stopped counting.

Two of the hit were right across the street - the one that hit the school gym and the one next to it in the playground. I ofter walk my dogs in that park because it's close and pleasant. One of my friends always walks her dog there.

One or two of the sirens were during "the humanitarian ceasefire" that we give them every day. But still, it is quieter during those hours. So after it was quiet for an hour, Simha and I went out shopping. We walked the long way because there are houses to run into along the way, Simha was worried in a few places and so was I because in some we couldn't see the entrance. Both of us had anxiety attacks on the way to the local supermarket(an 8 minute walk).She got nauseous and felt her breathing get messed up, I had chest pressure and breathing difficulty. Then we got to the store. It was relatively crowded. There were lines of about two-three people at the cashiers. First I showed her where the safe room is, then we shopped.As quickly as we could.We heard other people telling each other what to do if the siren goes and to hurry up and shop so they could get home before the next siren. So , even if I'm a bit hysterical, I'm still within "normal" range.I had a stomach ache until we got home.Simha got another anxiety attack and almost fainted.

Among our groceries are things we never buy - Rescue Remedy from bach flowers to calm the dogs, one has become aggressive. I took some too. It helped a little, For the dogs and for me. We bought lots of bread, lots of snack food and sweets and stocked up on tea(We've drunk more tea in the last two weeks than we do in a year)These are things that help us calm down.

Also bought some snacks to organize a care package. Don't know yet if I'll send it with the people that are bringing to soldiers on the front or to soldiers that have been injured trying to protect us.

Today,Simha and I are going to TelAviv for the day. Our shul organized for us to see a play in Tel Aviv. I need to have a few hours where I'm not listening for the siren.We'll be home in time for Shabbat.

Shlomo says that friends told him that one of the hits in Beersheva the other day was 50 metres from where he lives there. First time I'm relieved that he's spending so much time with his father. His father told Simha that when Shlomo says he wants to leave, they lock him in, because they don't want him to go to Beersheva. With him it's especially important, because he doesn't take the sirens seriously and doesn't go somewhere safe. In any other circumstances, I would call the police to rescue him.

Hoping for a quiet day and Shabbat Shalom.



Eric said...

Keep posting your blogs, it is important for readers to get your perspective. In the states, we're all reading your blog and realizing how spoiled we all are. I can only imagine what you guys are going through, and if I had the power to do so I'd give you a free airlift out to the states so you can witness the Barack Obama inauguration and get a huge contrast from the constant sirens.

Please keep your blog going, it's priceless material. And stay safe!!!!!

Shabbat Shalom
Eric S. - I'm a Jewish American

fanny, France said...

Hi everybody, thanks for yr blog, keep going writing, so the world will know what really happens in Israel.I've got friend in Ashkelon, no news since a's horrible to see the attack rocket against Ashkelon. french tv doesn't say truth,they always show Gaza destroy, not Israel ; it's a shame.Israel needs our supports.we pray for you.Fanny, France.

fanny, France said...

hi everybody, keep writing to give us news from Ashkelon, it's terrible to see how you live with these attacks in Ashkelon.i've got friend there, no news since a week.yr situaton is awful, french jewish supports Israel and pray a lot for you.Fanny, France