Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baltimore Girls boost LEAP Sales !

Our Ladies Ethiopian Art Project (LEAP) women work on their embroidery all year round but they do not get paid unless their challah covers and wall hangings are sold.
On Tu Bishvat last week our LEAP women were doubly happy to celebrate as they each received a check. Their happiness was due to Olivia Mauer and Alexandra Hyatt of Baltimore who have been helping to sell LEAP embroideries as their bat mitzvah project.
Anyone interested in helping Ashkelon's LEAP ladies by purchasing a gorgeous challah cover can contact Olivia and Alexandra via Jonathan Strausberg at The ASSOCIATED in Baltimore: 410-369-9242 or jstrausberg@associated.org

Mrs T proudly shows off her vivid fuschia and scarlet elephant embroidery, which would look wonderful, framed, and hung in a child's room.
LEAP Challah covers are finished off with satin borders and backing and are sold together with the LEAP sales tag and a photo of the particular artist who made that cover.

The Zager Family of Baltimore support LEAP and went home with two beautiful challah covers


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