Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shinshinim Visit Home

Our "Shinshinim" (Young Emissaries), Tal Bouhnik and Liron Menashe, are spending a year volunteering in the Baltimore Jewish Community.
Midway in their stay, they came home to Ashkelon for two weeks to spend time with family and friends and catch up with all the news and new projects in Ashkelon. They will be meeting with the Youth Council, with the Diller Leadership Teens, attending the opening of the Reading Encouragement Project and generally running around seeing everyone and everything!
Today they were at the Municipality to see Sigal and meet Mayor Benny Vaknin, who was elected while they were away. (Nicole)

Daphna Biton, Avner Maimon, Liron Menashe, Mayor Benny Vaknin, Tal Bouhnik, Sigal Ariely, Yakov Attias

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