Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adloyada- Purim in Ashkelon


Thousands of Askelonians participated today in the traditional Adloyada. 2 things threatened the Adloyada- bad weather and rockets . As we woke up today we saw the weather was beautiful, sunny , not too hot . Rockets ? Well , luckily -no rockets today !

The parade started at the science school at 11:00am . The theme this year was - Fairy tales and children books. Huge figures made by professionals , lots of children dressed up in groups- schools, community centers , dance groups . We saw lots of Snowwhites, Peter Pans, Bilbis, and Israeli story figures. At the end of the parade , everyone gathered for a Happening with children's stars , dancers and singers.

Mayor Benny Vaknin , (also known as King Achshverosh for today) said that he is proud to see that the Ashkelonians did not let the terror threat stop the Purim celebrations and that so many people came to take part in the Adloyada.

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