Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mosaic Tree Panels for Park Baltimore

An exciting exhibition opened yesterday in the city: A group of Ashkelon artists, trained by Ashkelon's own world-renowned mosaic artist Ilana Shafir, are exhibiting mosaic panels, all with the theme of "The Tree of Eden" . The colorful mosaic wall panels will be mounted on a wall in Park Baltimore after the exhibition.

Nira Portugaly, one of the mosaic artists explained: "The panels are made using Ilana Shafir's original technique which is called 'spontaneous mosaic' whereby scraps of pottery, stones and shells collected from nature, and specially made ceramic elements are all combined together in a spontaneous mosaic creation".

Tova Shafran, one of the mosaic artists, thanked Ilana Shafir and noted that she will celebrate her 85th birthday this week. The panels are a gift from the artists to the city and will be displayed in Park Baltimore after the exhibition.

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