Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting ready for school

Last night we got a text message from the parents committee of one of our kids' school that there will be a strike tomorrow in all the schools in Ashkelon , exept 10th to 12th grade students that have final exams coming up soon. Saturday's grad rocket, an improved one, that destroyed a highschool , changed all the rules . If this had happened on a school day the results would have been horrible - it is a true miracle it was a Saturday !

So: The teachers will be at the classes ,schools will be open , but the parents were asked to keep the kids at home.Each parent can decide what to do with his kids ! OK , a dilema , what should I do ? I have 3 kids , each goes to a diffrent school.

My youngest one, in 2nd grade ,goes to a school with even no minimal security .It's very old and the classrooms are unprotected. The kids hide under the tables when there's a siren or next to a northern wall ??? ... I have to go to work so I took her to her afternoon club , that is now open since the morning , and we pay extra. My son's school has sheltered areas, but he is 8th grade , most of his friends are staying at home , so he doesn't want to be alone in the class , he stayed home , a day off ... My oldest goes to the Art school , again old buildings , one shelter for 400 children ! She is on 12th grade , final test are soon. I took her to school ,she must study for the matric tests .

Shlomo Cohen , our deputy mayor ,says the Municipality supports the PTI , and join their demand from the governement to fortify and sheild all the educational institute in Ashkelon . At the same time , he realizes that closing the school paralizes the entire city .

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