Monday, March 2, 2009


Shrapnel damage to reinforced concrete school walls on Saturday (Pic: Itai Levi - Haaretz)
When Hamas rockets explode, they scatter ballbearings, nails and sharp shards of metal that slice into anything in their way
We just got a message that there will be no school tomorrow , except 10th-12th grade that have final exam coming up soon. The rocket that hit the high school yesterday was an improved one , biggest ever. This is why it penetrated the metal door and walls, broke through the concrete which was relied on to protect students and teachers from an attack. Only the fact that it was Saturday when there was no school, prevented a tragedy.

There are 10 schools , including my youngest daughter's school , and 22 kindergardens that have NO shelters or protected areas. The 50 schools and 120 kindergardens that have partial protection have no protection for these kind of rockets . The rockets are getting bigger, more powerful, with improved aim and longer range.

All the schools in Ashkelon will be closed until the government decides to fortify all the schools . Shlomo Cohen was interviewed on channel 2 tv , said that the governement refuses to take action in protecting the schools therefore he understands the parents' committee's decision. The teachers will be at all the schools , and the parents can decide what to do with the kids ! What a balagan !

Meanwhile another rocket hit Sderot this evening . In all , 7 rockets fired from Gaza, today. Channel 2 TV reported on Thursday that new more powerful longer-range rockets are STILL coming in to Gaza through the tunnels.
Shows a crater where One of the Grad rockets landed, on Saturday (pic: Yonatan Legayev, ynet)

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