Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mother of a soldier

Before........................... ..........After
That's my new status and I'm trying to get used to it . This Monday , Shir started her military service . My husband and I drove her and a giant backpack to Beer Sheva , where she got on a bus as a teenager and the next time I saw her in her uniform , 5 days later she was a soldier!!! Lots of crying over the phone every night, well the nights they were finished their activity at a decent time and were allowed to call.... She is doing Tironot , (basic training) , at a military base only 10 minutes south of Ashkelon , but we are not allowed to visit her during the week. They sleep in tents in this unbelievable heat , the food is... well , military food , showers they get to do... well , not every night , what can I say , nothing like home ! When she got off the bus Friday at the central station, in her uniform I hugged her and we both cried .I then looked at her and felt very proud of her . It's just the begining , 3 more weeks to go . Next Shabat she'll have to stay in the base so we'll come to visit , cheer her up and bring some home cooking food ( not my cooking, don't worry ....) It's hard to get how one minute she is your baby and in a such a short time she becomes IDF's property for the next 2 years !

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